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Augmentation Evoker on Warcraft Logs

With Augmentation Evoker releasing soon, many players are both excited and anxious to see how the spec shakes up the game. We at Warcraft Logs want to share some insight on the spec and how it will be handled on site.

Augmentation in Logs

Blizzard has added a lot of new hooks to the combat log to help support Augmentation Evoker! Using these new hooks, we've been able to set up precise tracking of Augmentation's contributions from their buffs.

Viewing an Evoker's Contribution to their Allies' Damage

When viewing the default damage tab of a log containing an Aug Evoker, you'll find that all damage that any players gained from the Evoker's buffs is reattributed back to the Evoker. This includes stat enhancing buffs such as Ebon Might. However, this does not include abilities such as Motes, as their impact cannot be quantified.

Viewing an Ally's Contributions to the Evoker

When you click on an Augmentation Evoker to view the details of their damage, their abilities will be listed as normally expected. Damage from any allies which has been reattributed from their buffs will combine together into the ability's damage.

Hovering over the DPS columns will show the DPS "given" by the Evoker, or the DPS "taken" from the reattribution.

Hovering over each ability gives a quick breakdown of the top 5 contributors of damage to each ability.

By changing the "Done By Ability" dropdown to "Done By Source", you can see a full breakdown of the damage contributed by each ally towards each ability (aka, the additional damage each ally dealt while under the effect of the Evoker's buffs).

Plans Going Forward

There are MANY new additions and changes to the combat log to support the spec. We're hoping the current implementation has good coverage, but also expecting a few bumps in the road. Warcraft Logs will keep an eye out for any bugs or missing reattributions, and will keep in touch with Blizzard to report them!

Known Bugs and Missing or Incorrect Combat Log Hooks

  • Healing support combat hooks are not yet implemented.
  • Spells which accumulate damage such as Ignite, Execution sentence, etc. don't properly calculate when buffed with support spells.
  • Pet and Guardian hooks are not fully implemented.

Once Augmentation Evoker is able to be fully supported, Warcraft Logs plans to create another Rankings partition.

Contact Us

Reattribution for an entire Support class is a very new thing for Warcraft Logs! We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions about the implementation. Additionally, any bug reports will be extremely helpful!

Please join us on Discord to share any feedback and suggestions, or to ask any questions.

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If you have any support questions, please reach out to our support team at

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