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Recruitment Help: Player Looking for Static

Here you can find help and FAQ for the FF Logs Recruitment function. This article focuses on support for players looking for statics.

Setting up a Character Recruitment Profile

Your profile is what statics will see when they look for players. You’ll want to be sure the information you include is clear and accurate, as this is what represents you to potential recruiters!

Note: Your character will only be displayed if it is max level.


Each character that you want to search for a static on requires their own individual character recruitment profile. A character can be selected using the dropdown. Clicking on set jobs will open a dropdown menu to select what jobs you play.

Recruitment Status

To change whether a character is listed or unlisted in recruitment searches, click on change recruitment status.


This section is for you to detail various information about yourself. Many choose to include information about their notable achievements, environment preferences, and alts. This is also where you should include any contact information, such as your Discord ID.

Data Center

Use this section to specify which data centers you will play on. This will default to any if left unchanged.


Use this section to specify which activities you are looking to participate in. This will default to any if left unchanged.


Your primary language. If you are multilingual, you may select multiple.


The zone section is where you can set a filter for how progressed of a static you are looking for. Fill in a minimum and maximum, or select Any Progress if you don't wish to filter by this metric.

To set a speed rank limit in your search results, select either World or Region to and use the slider to determine the scope.


This section is where you can set limitations on the number of sessions and hours you are looking to raid. If left blank, this criteria will not be used in your search results. Be sure that the time zone setting is set to the proper zone! Matches between players and statics will not be made if schedules are incompatible.


Use this section if you would like to set preferences on the timeframes you are available to raid each week. If left blank, your results will not be filtered by this metric.

How to Search for a Static

Once you have filled out the required fields, clicking Search will sort compatible statics based on your criteria. From here, you can scroll through your matches. To view their static profile, click on the box.

Private Log Information

If a character has private logs, some information about their performance can still be seen-- best historical percent average, median historical percent average, or all stars percent average will be visible, depending on what metric is used to search.

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