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Wipefest: Cataclysm (TotFW / BWD / BoT)

Last updated: June 10, 2024

Navigating through Warcraft Logs can be difficult, and Wipefest is here to help you narrow down your specific problem areas to improve. Combine the personalized analysis with the visual guides of Mythic Trap to increase your group's success in the newest raid. Help your raid conquer Cataclysm by getting an in-depth analysis of every boss' mechanics and how you deal with them on Wipefest today! All bosses in Throne of the Four Winds, Blackwing Descent, and Bastion of Twilight are supported.

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Wipefest in Cataclysm Tier 11

Wipefest support for Cataclysm T11 has been live since the raids released, and is already helping guilds everywhere analyze the boss mechanics in their pulls and work out how they can improve their performance and continue progressing.

Not used Wipefest before and want to learn more about how you can use it to analyze your Warcraft Logs reports? Read How to Improve Your Raid With Wipefest.

Let's dig into some examples of what mechanics Wipefest can automatically analyze for you in Cataclysm! Make sure to check every boss for your needs, as below are just some examples of the analysis Wipefest provides for your raid.

Conclave of Wind is the first boss in Throne of the Four Winds and is composed of three mini-bosses. One of these mini-bosses, Anshal, casts

to summon a green circle that heals the boss and his adds and silences players. Wipefest has a simple insight to help show you how much healing you are allowing the enemies to do by not moving them out of this, as well as a mini-guide to show you what the mechanic looks like and how to deal with it.

Sometimes, analyzing avoidable damage is not as simple as looking at total damage taken. For example, the

mechanic on Al'akir inflicts damage to players near the target but also inflicts damage to the target themselves. The damage to the actual target is completely unavoidable, so Wipefest makes sure to exclude it from its breakdown and scoring.

Each golem in Omnotron Defense System gains a shield at 50% health with some kind of negative effect. Electron's

is a pretty simple one to understand: if you hit him while it's active then he'll pulse damage around himself. Wipefest's
insight will show you how much damage you're causing by not swapping off of this target correctly.

On heroic difficulty, Magmaw spawns Blazing Bone Constructs that need to be killed. You don't want to kill these too slowly, as you'll eventually end up overwhelmed. Wipefest has a simple insight that shows you the average time it takes you to kill these adds. This is an example where the raid score can be useful to determine whether you are too fast (and potentially losing boss damage) or too slow (and at risk of getting overwhelmed). In the screenshot below, the raid scored 94 for this insight, meaning that they killed the adds faster than 94% of heroic Magmaw kills. This indicates that, if needed, this guild could ease up on their add damage for more boss damage.

The Atramedes encounter is special because every player gets an extra resource: Sound. Getting hit by mechanics increases your Sound, and having more Sound makes certain mechanics more dangerous (and flat out kills you if you reach 100). Most of the time, Wipefest uses total damage as its primary metric for avoidable mechanics. However, because these particular mechanics will increase a player's Sound regardless of how much damage they took, Wipefest instead breaks things down by total hits.

Atramedes is also an example of a boss where the timeline view can be particularly helpful. By filtering to

, we can analyze a group's gong usage. In the below screenshot, we can see that they used a gong at the start of the fight (likely to overlap the damage amplifier with their bloodlust), then used a second one in the first phase to interrupt
. In the intermission, they only used one to help kite the beam. In the second ground phase, they used one early and then didn't use one to interrupt
, taking full damage from this ability. As you have access to 7 gongs in heroic, this group still had 3 gongs available by the time they killed the boss.

Chimaeron is the closest we get to a patchwerk-style fight in tier 11. Despite that, he still has some interesting and unique mechanics. In phase 2, healing to the raid is reduced by 99% and, on heroic, the raid takes constant ticking damage from

. This means that it's super important to transition to phase 2 with as much health as possible. Wipefest helps you track this by showing a brief insight calculating the average raid health upon phase transition. The higher you can heal up to, the longer you'll last in the second phase.

One interesting mechanic on Maloriak is the way that the Prime Subject adds fixate. They are immune to taunt but will fixate on whichever target has the most threat on them after the first few seconds of spawning and then stick to them. It's important for the tank to get threat on these as soon as possible and for everyone else to hold off during this time. Wipefest looks to see if any non-tank players are getting meleed by these adds to see how successful this mechanic is being handled.

On heroic, Nefarian will mind control players with

and force them to walk slowly towards a portal that will kill them if reached. Players must spam
as much as possible to gain a stacking damage buff before breaking the mind control. While it's random which players get targeted by this, it's important for those players to optimize this buff as much as possible. Wipefest counts how many stacks each player gains so that you can review it quickly.

damage on Halfus Wyrmbreaker can be quite dangerous. It's important to free the Time Warden drake to slow these fireballs down and make them more easily dodgeable. Wipefest will show you how much damage you are taking from this and when.

The timeline view on Halfus can also be helpful to analyze when other groups are releasing which dragons. In the screenshot below, you can see that they are all being freed immediately upon pull!

One mechanic that can easily catch you out on heroic Theralion and Valiona is

makes you explode friendly fire damage around you for all the regular damage and healing you do. With friendly fire damage like this, it can sometimes be difficult to work out which players are at fault. For example, if the targeted player correctly moves out and then someone else moves into them and takes damage, whose fault is it? Wipefest shows a damage summary of both who dealt damage and who received damage to help you work out what is happening.

During the first phase of Ascendant Council, Ignacious will shield themselves with

while channelling
. Players must swap damage to Ignacious to ensure that they break the shield before the ramping damage of
becomes too much. Wipefest helps you analyze this by showing how much raid damage was taken each time this happens. Break the shield (and interrupt) to lower this damage!

Cho'gall summons Corrupted Adherents that cast

. If not interrupted,
will increase nearby players'
, which in turn causes increasingly dangerous effects. Stay on top of this by making sure to interrupt! Wipefest will give you a breakdown of who is interrupting and when interrupts are being missed.

Sometimes the most dangerous mechanic can also be the most simple to analyze. Sinestra's

spawns two orbs that follow players. A beam connects these orbs that will cause massive damage to anyone caught in it. The targeted players need to safely kite the orbs away from the rest of the raid, who need to ensure they don't move into them. Wipefest will give you a breakdown of how much damage you're taking from this.

Wrapping Up

This is just a taste of some of the mechanical analysis that Wipefest has to offer, alongside other features such as player scores, event timelines, guides, and multi-pull analysis.

If you get stuck, we have an article of frequently asked questions, as well as a Discord server where you can discuss with other Wipefest users.

You can find me as Yax on Twitter.

Good luck, have fun!

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