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Warcraft Logs and Phase 3 Changes

The new TBC raid tier is finally upon us, and below is an overview of things to keep in mind and various decisions and new features we are implementing for T6: Mount Hyjal & Black Temple.

Thank you for your support and as always you can join us on Discord or follow us on Twitter to keep up with everything.

Raid Rules

There are some notable changes for raiding in T6.

Combined Progression

We are combining progression for T6: Black Temple / Mount Hyjal again as we thought it went really well in T5: Serpentshrine Caverns / Tempest Keep. These rules and restrictions for the first 6 hours to prevent guilds from using two separate raid groups for World First and you can read more about them in our Combined Progression Rankings and Rules for BT and Hyjal article.

Tank Damage Taken Requirements

We are changing the requirements to parse as a tank spec in the T6 raids Black Temple and Mount Hyjal. To implement these requirements we have added another Paladin spec, Justicar, for the prot paladins that do not meet the requirements.

The full requirements are found in the Warcraft Logs Classic T6 Tank Requirements Spreadsheet.

We are expecting to refine these requirements as we test them out. Please join us on Discord if you have any feedback or questions.

Keep in mind this only applies to Black Temple and Mount Hyjal. Older raids will have the same rules as they did previously.

T6 Speed Run Rules

The trash requirements and rules for Black Temple and Mount Hyjal 'Without Skips' category are out. Please check out the requirements for each raid in our full articles:

Complete Raid Update

We are changing the Complete Raid DPS/HPS formula in Mount Hyjal and Black Temple to include idle time when calculating DPS and HPS. This means all the time from the first pull to the end of the run counts and not just time spent in combat. The log report will still show the DPS and HPS in combat, while the ranking will include idle time.

This does not apply to older raid tiers.

Boss Changes

We have a few implemented changes to note. As always, any trash is excluded from boss parses.

Shade of Akama

Only Damage Done to Ashtongue Channelers/Ashtongue Sorcerers and Akama counts towards DPS ranks.

Teron Gorefiend

The Ghost is just an NPC and the damage it does won't count for any player towards rankings.

Gurtogg Bloodboil

We are unable to normalize Fel Rage, as TBC has snapshotting of DoTs and HoTs. Therefore we will likely remove this boss from All Stars.

Reliquary of Souls

Only Damage Done to the bosses counts towards DPS ranks.


The fight ends when the Protection of Elune buff is applied.

Unholy Frenzy

The presence of this buff is banned on bosses in Mount Hyjal. Any boss fight with it will be invalidated.

Website Features

We have added a lot of new website features the past few weeks and want to take this opportunity to go over some in case you have missed them!

Revamped Casts - Events View

We have revamped the look of the Casts -> Events view. This allows you to easier look at rotations and more.

Updated Resources - Hit Points View

We have implemented some of the same changes to the Resources - Hit Points view. This now shows all damage, healing, absorbs and deaths for any player at any time. Additionally, major hits (>20% of your HP) is shown with a red background.

Unit Frames in Events View

We have also added Unit Frames to the Events view, which shows the target health bar.

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