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Undying Challenge

Last updated: October 21, 2022

This weekend Blizzard is hosting their first Wrath of the Lich King speedrun event!

Check out their Viewer Guide on the Event and tune in!

Undying Challenge

Progress (EU) and SPACEFORCE (NA) will start on Saturday gearing new characters throughout the dungeons of Northrend.

On Day 1, they'll run through every Northrend dungeon to strengthen their characters as much as they can, before coming back on Sunday where they will only be able to further gear up in the Eye of Eternity and Obsidian Sanctum raids. Once each team has completed gearing up, they’ll face off in one final race through Naxxramas!

The event will be casted by an incredible lineup!

Crix, Hulahoops, Sarthe and Zirene is ready to


Saturday, October 22:

10:00 am PT: Gearing up - Tour of all Heroic Dungeons in Northrend

Sunday, October 23:

10:00 am PT - ~11:00 am PT: Gearing up - Eye of Eternity & Obsidian Sanctum

~11:00 am PT: Race to the finish - Naxxramas

Where to Watch

Blizzard is hosting this event on both YouTube and Twitch, and there are also streams in French and German.


Warcraft YouTube

Warcraft Twitch


Kusa on Twitch


Kimuh on Twitch

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