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Trial of the Crusader Guides on Warcraft Logs

The next WOTLK raid, Trial of the Crusader, opens soon! We are back with updated Mythic Trap and Wipefest guides.

You can find the Mythic Trap guides in our header, under Raid Guides. Check out Wipefest for mechanical insights once you've stepped into the raid.

Browse the guides on our front page dropdown, or on the Mythic Trap site.


Help your raid conquer TOC by getting an in-depth analysis of every boss' mechanics and how you deal with them. Combine the personalized analysis with the visual guides of Mythic Trap to increase your group's success in the newest raid.

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Mythic Trap

Mythic Traps guides are hosted on both Warcraft Logs and Mythic Trap. They are also available in several languages, such as English, German, French, Chinese, Ukrainian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian.

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Trial of the Crusader

You can find the newest bosses below, along with links to their guides and rankings!

The Northrend Beasts

The first boss of the raid actually consists of three phases of bosses, each fought separately. Learn about each unique set of mechanics with in our guide, found below.

View The Northrend Beasts guide!

Check out The Northrend Beasts rankings on Warcraft Logs.

Lord Jaraxxus

Lord Jaraxxus is the second boss you'll encounter. You and your allies will need to swap to various adds throughout the fight, while healing ramps higher and higher.

View the Lord Jaraxxus guide!

Check out the Lord Jaraxxus rankings on Warcraft Logs.

Faction Champions

Faction Champions is a fight which consists of MANY various NPC bosses representing the ingame classes. These bosses must be crowd controlled to counter their powerful abilities. Mythic Trap will teach you about each NPC and what to look out for!

View the Faction Champions guide!

Check out the Faction Champions rankings on Warcraft Logs.

Twin Val'kyr

The Twin Val'kyr are two bosses which represent light and darkness, each with abilities reflecting these types. You'll need to learn how to optimize the light and dark mechanics of this boss to avoid taking lethal damage.

View the Twin Val'kyr guide!

Check out the Twin Val'kyr rankings on Warcraft Logs.


Anub'arak is the final boss of Trial of the Crusader. Among the other mechanics of the boss, there is a unique anti-heal mechanic which your healers will want to familiarize themselves with!

View the Anub'arak guide!

Check out the Anub'arak rankings on Warcraft Logs.

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