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The WoW Diary Second Printing

The crowdfunding campaign for second printing of The WoW Diary has launched today. We are extremely excited to highlight such a unique look into the early development days of World of Warcraft. If you are interested in game development, or World of Warcraft, this is the book for you.

What is The WoW Diary?

The WoW Diary is a book written by well-known author and game developer, John Staats. It's an unfiltered and real look into game development, including 130 pictures of early days World of Warcraft and insight into what it takes to create a game like WoW.

The book was first published in 2019 after one of the most successful non-fiction Kickstarters. Make sure to check out and participate in the community discussion for the campaign too!

Crowdfund Campaign

Check out the crowdfund campaign on Backerkit!

The second printing includes new exclusive rewards for backers!

  • Over 100 never before seen images from the development of WoW
  • 300+ beautiful pages detailing the process for creating the largest MMO ever
  • Behind the curtain look at interpersonal experiences working at Blizzard
  • Each copy comes with an 80-page Post-Mortem booklet of essays expanding on philosophies covered in The WoW Diary. This will not be available anywhere else!

Backer Rewards

The first reward tier for backing the campaign lets you get your hands on the Post-Mortem booklet, which contains four postmortem articles about WoW’s post-launch woes and triumphs. The new material covers philosophies John Staats learned at Blizzard that didn’t belong in the original book. The new articles include advice to aspiring developers and thoughts about success in the entertainment industry. The companion book is one-fifth the size of The WoW Diary. Check out the campaign.

If you supported the original campaign on Kickstarter, you will also receive a free deskmat with this tier!

The second tier also includes a second printing edition in hardcover, the post-mortem booklet and pdfs of both the book and the post-mortem booklet.

The third tier includes all of the above, plus signed and numbered editions, limited edition slipcases, and a gorgeous custom deskmat by Nolan Nasser. Check out the campaign.


Make sure to check out and participate in the community discussion for the campaign too! There will be lots of good stuff happening during the crowdfunding.

Check out the crowdfund campaign on Backerkit!

You can also follow John Staats' work on Twitter and his website, whenitsready.

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