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ICC Partition and Elune's Blessing Conclusions

Hi all! I wanted to do this post in more of a blog format to explain our thoughts behind the last few weeks concerning Elune's Blessing and its effects on parsing. Ultimately this is a lose/lose situation. We understand partitioning is not ideal, but it's the only feasible solution.

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Read about Partitions in our Rankings and Parses article.

What Is The Elune's Blessing Issue?

A recently discovered interaction between

Elune's Blessing and
Blessing of Sanctuary showed the two buffs stacked. Sanctuary and Kings don't stack, and Kings + Elune doesn't stack, but if you have Elune + Sanc (and no Kings), you could gain a massive amount of strength. This has created a ton of unbeatable parses, mainly for strength classes.

Potential Solutions

We have discussed on Discord and internally for a while how to best solve this issue. Unfortunately, due to several factors, we have concluded that partition is the only feasible option.

Exploit Check

Unfortunately, neither Elune nor Sanctuary is logged in the COMBATANT_INFO event by Blizzard. This means unless the buff(s) expire in combat (either through duration or death), they are not seen in the combat log. That means checking for both buffs is impossible.

Manual Bans

The issue has become too widespread to manually attempt to verify which logs used it. The scale of manual enforcement is simply not feasible for our team.


While partitioning is not something we love to do, we are taking the opportunity to make other changes. You can read about them in the conclusion.


We are partitioning Classic WotLK with reset in each region this following week (12th March for NA, 13th EU etc). This will be called P4.5.


  • Damage to adds will be excluded on Lady Deathwhisper
  • Valithria is now also removed from Complete Raid Healing
  • Using Unholy Frenzy on Valithria will invalidate parses


If you keep Elune to use it post-partition, you risk getting your character banned on Warcraft Logs. We will manually review the top logs in the new partition.

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