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Sunwell Progression Rules

As Sunwell is a solo raid tier, we are not restricting the amounts of characters used for progression. The only rule for progress on Warcraft Logs is below.


  • Skipping Kalecgos is not allowed and will result in your progress ranks being stripped


Can we use Battle Squawk / other restricted items?

Yes - but keep in mind this will invalidate the kill and you won't get any individual ranks on the fight. Killing Kil'Jaeden validates progress for all the previous bosses, so preferably don't use it on that boss. If you happen to use Battle Squawk on the last boss, you will need to send a ticket to to validate your progress manually.


Please keep in mind that these rules are in place to allow for competitive and fair progression rankings. If you have feedback, questions or concerns, please join the Warcraft Logs Classic Discord.

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