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Combined Progression Rankings and Rules for T5

We will be combining the T5 Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Caverns raid progression rankings on Warcraft Logs. This section will have some rules and restrictions for the first 6 hours to prevent guilds from using two separate raid groups for World First.

The rules will be in effect from September 15th, 4:30 pm PDT / 7:30 pm EST / 01:30 am CEST until 10:30 pm PDT / 01:30 am EST / 07:30 am CEST and only affect the guilds that complete both TK and SSC progression in that window.


  • Maximum of 28 unique characters allowed per raid group
  • You need to enter fresh raid instances. Having someone else pre-clear trash or skip ahead to summon while you're in the other raid is not allowed.

Please keep in mind that these rules are in place to allow for competitive and fair progression rankings. If you have feedback, questions or concerns, please join our Discord to discuss with us directly.

We will review the guilds that completed progress in the first 6 hours. If you are found to be cheating, your last boss kill will be invalidated or the completion time will be set to 6 hours. If you suspect anyone of not following the rules - please report the logs to

We highly recommend you save videos of your progress raid to prove you followed the requirements.

Join the Warcraft Logs Classic Discord if you have any questions or feedback.


Can we still have two raid groups play on release?

Yes, but you'll need one group to clear both raids to count before 6 hours. If two groups clear one raid each under 6 hours, your guild progress completion time will be set to 6 hours.

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