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ACT Setup Guide

Last updated: April 19, 2023

This article will guide you through setting up ACT and making sure the exceptions it needs are created properly so it can run without any issues!

Getting Started

Start by downloading ACT Here. You want the setup file at the top. Once downloaded, right click the installer and click on "Properties" swap to the compatibility tab and make sure to select "Run as Administrator" click the "Apply" button and run the installer. It will prompt you to select a folder you wish to save it to, the default is just fine but if you want to save it to a different drive or just create a folder inside your XIV folder you can.

Once the installer finishes, go to the folder you saved it to and find the "Advanced Combat Tracker" executable, right click it and do the same as you did for the installer itself, make sure "Run as Administrator" is selected and applied as the default.

Firewall Exceptions

Open your start menu and type "Firewall with Advanced Security" and select it. Right click "Inbound Rules" and click "New rule":

Once here, click the "Program" rule at the top and proceed to find the ACT executable as you did earlier and select it:

After the correct file is selected, just click proceed, leave all the boxes checked and name it accordingly. Once that's finished, do the exact same thing for the X86 ACT executable. This is how both should look once you're done:

If you still run into issues even with the inbound rules, do the same steps above for the "Outbound Rules" section. If it still fails, try turning off any firewalls while doing this setup.

Act Wizard Setup

Once you run ACT for the first time, you'll be prompted if you want to continue as an administrator, click "Yes" so the program opens. It then will prompt you to run the setup wizard, do so and click on "Next".

Make sure the correct parsing plugin is selected, that should be number 73 just like the screenshot below, click on "Download/Enable Plugin" button on the right side and let it finish setting up.

You will be prompted with a question if ACT will be used for Final Fantasy XIV, click yes and proceed with the next step, check the box that says "Auto-load recently changed log files" as seen below and proceed with the "Next" button once again:

Make sure the "Auto Version Check" is selected and click on the close button at the bottom right.

Setting up the Overlay Plugin

Now for the fun part, setting up the Overlay for your ACT parser. Navigate to the "Plugins" tab and at the top right there should be a button called "Get Plugins" select that and let the plugin list load:

Navigate to find (86) Overlay Plugin click "Download and Enable" at the bottom right and let it install. Keep in mind that the installation process may take a while, but once it is finished you should be prompted with the message below:

Once that's done, you should be able to select the Overlayplugin.dll window in your ACT, like this:

Now, you want to add a preset skin for your DPS meter, here you can pick whichever one you like best. I will be going with MopiMopi because that's what I use usually, but all of the skins are great and it's all personal preference!

From this point, you can look up how to customize a meter in any way you want and even add background images to them. Since this is a guide just for setting up ACT to work with our website, I will be skipping this step.

Testing and troubleshooting

You should be good to go, but to make sure everything works, we'll go into the game and test. Just find a striking dummy and if everything went well, it should show your damage being registered in the overlay of your choice:

If for some reason nothing gets registered, double check to see if your connection is working by going to the FFXIV ACT Plugin tab in and clicking on "Test Game Connection":

If everything is properly set up, you will get a prompt at the bottom right of your screen showing you it was successful.

If any other issues show up, or you'd like to set up additional plugins, I recommend going to the ACT Discord server, they're very helpful and there are tons of resources for whichever issues you may run into.

Here's a link to their Discord Server.

Update: Since the most recent patch, ACT is required to be started before you log in to the game servers. Make sure to turn it on before you're connected to your character or it will not function properly.

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